Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Devops !

Devops an introduction 

A new terminology, and highest used word in one of the recent international conferences i attended is
I was confused, when everyone spoke about it, without defining the buzz word. I was equally excited to know more about it. It is a model or philosophy of integrating  the following

  • Development of Code 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Technology operations
After learning this, my confusion rippled, i could recollect the existing models right from waterfall to Agile, in all the models several team work integrated, then what is the beauty of this philosophy ?

Companies with high release frequencies and rapid changing scope, still face the issue of turn around time. Right from the moment the Business requirement is identified to incubate as a project, and the life cycle of the entire phases till implementation is the really a painful wait time for the Business owners or the sponsor of the project. Do we really need all the phases is their question?  what to skip is the project manager's question. Devops is not really going to solve all the problem like a magic box, but it collaborates the Development and others IT professional who are part of the project including designers, business analyst, testers, environment analyst, managers of varies streams, anyone who is part of an IT project without doing actual code. 

The Aim is to rapidly deliver the small portions, by collaborating varies teams of a project.Increasing the agility to improvise the quality without compromising the timelines. The Business is demanding time more than quality . But trading quality for time is totally unfair. 

By increasing the automation, virtualization, cloud utilization and collaboration of varies teams of a project, giving rapid releases and scaling up the productivity is the menu of Devops. 


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