Friday, May 22, 2015

Next Generation of Software Testing

Everyone in tesinig world is saying this, "Testing is transforming"

The developments in digital and social applications bring up new challenges and opportunities to the world of testing. After a decade of web applications are testing and two decades of legacy application testing; now the protocols of testing are changing. Indian banking space is the serving to huge customer base in the world, leading banks are launching apps to perform financial transactions. Recently ICICI Bank launched Pockets in android and IOS, to send and receive money. HDFC Bank launched Chillr app for sending and receiving money. These applications are not like traditional applications. Banks enable customer to send money using Mobile number. Airtel allows users to share their talk time to their friends and families. Actually the industries are transforming and so testing should transform.
Upcoming changes are bringing up both challenges and opportunities together. The fundamentals of testing remain same. Think out of box-> Do quality work-> Ensure the quality.
Due to the peer pressure and appetite to make quarterly profits, the space for thinking out of box was squeezed by IT services industry in recent past. I would like to recollect the words of Infosys ceo Vishal sikka.” The industry has been in a downward spiral, even the big western guys. They are hiring cheaper and cheaper, jamming people into projects faster and faster, hiring from more and more mediocre places. That is the wrong direction. That spiral goes to zero. We want to create an upward spiral, create more and more value.”
The legacy managers’ ideology of quantitatively managing projects, nothing but increasing volume by forcing resources to work in multiples projects without allowing them to read the documents of the project and showing more numbers can run the show, but not yield the result. Clients are looking for more quality work and not the useless quantity.  The next generation testing is looking for Quality testing, Out of box thinking and real confidence about their business applications.

Though we like or not the CHANGE will happen without anyone’s permission. The way mobile replacing wired phones, CD players replacing VCR players and LCD TVs replacing Fat TVs, Quality work will definitely replace the quantity work in IT services. We should decide when to join the league

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